WiFi technology devices

Recently, the market has a new chip that promises revolutionary changes in WiFi environments devices. It ESP8266.
Miniature size, power 3.3, low cost, and most importantly - the ability to software firmware (eg NodeMcu with Lua interpreter) make its use very promising development.
The device can be used as an access point, and a network client (both modes at the same time too, ).
We have our own powerful processor enables the development of device like no other microcontrollers (only ESP8266, power and rail, are possible sensors and outputs control the legs), and in conjunction, such as the Atmel, who have more opportunities when working with complex peripherals and chips.
We decided to keep up with the progressive mankind, and develop advanced WiFi devices on this basis. Now based ESP8266 we have developed a Web-server with active pages and support for JSON and AJAX requests. It is allowed to make a miniature device with a web interface, which can work as joining it as an access point with a smartphone or tablet, for example, and integrate it into the network (home or the internet) to information collection and management.