Software projects

The following software products are currently being developed by us:

Internet bank

Internet banking system with the ability to bind to a variety of processing systems.

HOTELS - reservations and management system for hotels.

The system was originally designed as a multi-user portal that can solve the problem of management capacity of the tourist center to the hotel complex. The undeniable advantage of the system is its online availability, based on WEB-technology. The system does not require any installation on the local PC, and is accessible from any Internet device. This not only allows staff to work in a complex system within the access control rights, but also the usual potential customers to receive information about free rooms with a further booking.


  • Search free rooms, using the parameter "Date" or "Date Range" search result is the visualization of numbers found in the report table information (housing, floor, apartment type, Sleeps)
  • The ability to pre-register a guest when you make a reservation the day of arrival, but before settlement guest
  • Accounting for the number of adults / children when you make a reservation
  • Automatic affixing the amount of the tariff chosen with manual correction
  • Account of features of each room
  • Specifies the phone, fax and e-mail addresses guest
  • Note the person conducting the application
  • Note the address information guest
  • Note this method to guarantee the reservation
  • Subject to advance payment (deposit)
  • Marketing statistics about booking, which includes:
    1. Source of booking
    2. Using promotional hotel information when it is selected
    3. The geographical area customer receipts
  • Note passport guest data
  • guest status
  • Logging the time of booking and the operator name
  • Possibility of charging payments to the guest's account at the time of booking
  • The ability to make these extra guests during their cohabitation and calculating
  • Control of the required fields
    Registration and settlement of guests
  • Settlement on and without reservation
  • Ability to change the parameters specified at registration of reservation
  • In the settlement without reservation - Enter complete information on the guest
  • The account number status (cleaned / not cleaned, free / busy, defective / faulty) when selecting and settling
  • Accounting for the settlement of other guests in the room, sharing
  • Taking into account individual wishes for additional offers
  • Note the method of payment guarantees
  • Entering / changing the credit card number used for payment of residence
  • Consideration of authorized amounts for credit card
  • Accounting for the settlement time guest
  • Note the required additional services
  • Charge for additional services payment
    Registration of passports
  • Registration of passports of foreign and nonresident citizens
    Calculations with guests
  • Calculation of plastic cards
  • The calculation using the current registration deposit
  • Print Guest accounts
  • Automatic calculation of cost of services rendered (in PM for accommodation)
  • Possibility of manual calculation services
  • Possibility of correction of accrued charges
  • Accounting guest discharge time
    capacity management
  • Graphic (color) display state the number of rooms
  • The account status of each number in the parameters: free / busy harvesting, defective / faulty
  • The ability to quickly change the room status
    guest history
  • Database Storage of all visitors (past and present)
  • guest name, address information
  • passport data
  • Registry previous guests' stay at the hotel
  • Data on income received from a guest
  • Additional information about the guest
  • Notice marketing of statistical information, including:
  • Source guest admission
  • The fact that the use of advertising hotel information when it is selected
  • The geographical area customer receipts
  • Quick Find Reviews
  • Search expected, living and who have left reviews
  • Accounting cohabiting guests

Read the test version of the system can be reached at:

Stock. The accounting system of the goods.

It combines the capabilities cataloger, warehouse, production and accounting

    It has the functional features of the access:
  • Administrator
  • Accountant


  • Create a directory to display as hierarchical structure.
  • Accounting for goods with the arrival of the goods and the control of expenditure. Automatic calculation of the value of UAH with reference to the USD rate.
  • Course administration USD with the ability to automatically retrieve from the NBU website.
  • Search Product Catalog, title, description or identification code.
  • The ability to create composite products made of items available in stock.
  • Analysis of the composition and the applicability of items available in stock.
  • Placing of goods in stock with reference to the physical location.
  • Reporting any

Read the test version of the system can be reached at:

RemoteDeviceService - System remote data acquisition and control

Hardware and software solutions for information management and remote devices. Scalability and flexibility - designed range of devices with a variety of functions, sensors and capabilities. Information is transmitted from the devices (GSM GPRS) on a server and is collected in a database for later review and analysis by the user. View all information made ​​through the web browser on the сайте - no software is installed on the client. The devices are equipped with sensors GPS, voltage, temperature, humidity, illumination, the contact is opened, accelerometers, etc. It is possible to use as a fire-alarm system, GPS-tracker, the GIS-system elements and other test users - demo pwd demo.
Diagram of the principle of the system:
Using a mobile phone user and the computer option: the device can operate without registration to the server and transmit information via SMS to a mobile phone, or to transmit only on the server, as well as jointly for both channels, flexible settings allow you to set any mode.

The portal provides the tools to perform the functions of territorial communities of the United

To familiarize with the system can be reached at:

The portal has a modular structure and consists of the following tools:
  1. Home info page
  2. News feed
    • Tools for the publication of news
  3. bulk structure module
    • Information about the administrative structure
    • Various administrative documents
    • Tools for publishing session materials
  4. The module "Budget"
    • Recorded accounts for taxes
    • The legal framework for changes to the budget
    • Analytical budget performance monitoring tool
    • Tool access to public media
  5. Module "Education"
    • Information about the structure of education departments and activities
    • The legal framework for administrative and legal acts
    • Tools for publishing
  6. Module "HCO"
    • It provides information on housing and communal organization United territorial communities
    • It provides a powerful tool for Housing Management
    • It contains a tool for solving civil defense tasks
  7. The module "Appeals"
    • It provides information on appeals of citizens
    • It contains applications analysis and processing tools
  8. The module "Procurement"
    • It provides information about the current needs of the bulk
    • Contains powerful reference - procurement qualifier DK 016: 2010 and DC 021: 2015 (CPV-2002)
  9. Module "CAST"
    • It provides legal base for the decision of the Centre of administrative services tasks
    • Tools for publishing
  10. Module "Forum"
    • Designed for socio - political, institutional and social spheres of activity bulks
    • It provides a powerful social networking tools

To familiarize with the system can be reached at:

Can be found on pages developed by us earlier systems "Project History"