Automated systems

registration system, printing and control of GAI documents for MREO

Automated accounting system, printing and issuance of driving licenses, stamps, time stamps, and other SAI documents installed in MREO. (Operated in the MREO-2 Dnepropetrovsk since 1998. Has been discontinued at the end of the contract).

Automatic Call-center "Samara" based PBX "OREL'" production DMZ

The automated system is designed for the reception, processing and forwarding incoming calls, outgoing calls initialization of various kinds, as well as data collection and analysis. In addition, the system provides a huge range of telephony services, among which are unparalleled. It is maintained in KB DMZ-based ATS-92 in Dnepropetrovsk since 2005. Support for discontinued at the end of the contract.

Internet Systems

The system "Automation of tax reporting"

Allows payers of taxes of Ukraine online to recruit, test, printing and registration OGNA tax reporting forms, to obtain confirmation of the reception reporting and obtaining an act of reconciliation. It includes jobs tax inspectors supervising the received documents with feedback from taxpayers. The certificate of registration of copyright in a work №6344. (Maintained in OGNA Dnipropetrovsk region since 2000. Has been discontinued at the end of the contract).

Automated time tracking systems of treasury execution of the budget of Ukraine AS KAZNA-V

Allows on-line to carry the process of budget implementation, budget organizations document the payment documents, targets and receive various types of reporting. It is a real-time bank for protsesinga treasury functions. (Maintained in 2000 in Ukraine, the Treasury bodies. Supported in the framework of this contract).

Service Print payment orders

Allows on-line recruitment and print payment orders corresponding to the document "P O S T A N O V A NATSІONALNY BANK UKRAINY, 21.01.2004, N 22"

Client Software

"Treasury-Client" system

The certificate of registration of copyright in a work №16567. (Maintained in the Dnipropetrovsk region in 2006. Supported in the framework of the current treaties).

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