Hardware and software projects

The following products are now being developed by us:

RemoteDeviceService - System remote data acquisition and control

Hardware and software solutions for information management and remote devices. Scalability and flexibility - designed range of devices with a variety of functions, sensors and capabilities. Information is transmitted from the devices (GSM GPRS) on a server and is collected in a database for later review and analysis by the user. View all information made ​​through the web browser on the сайте - no software is installed on the client. The devices are equipped with sensors GPS, voltage, temperature, humidity, illumination, the contact is opened, accelerometers, etc. It is possible to use as a fire-alarm system, GPS-tracker, the GIS-system elements and other test users - demo pwd demo.
Diagram of the principle of the system:
Using a mobile phone user and the computer option: the device can operate without registration to the server and transmit information via SMS to a mobile phone, or to transmit only on the server, as well as jointly for both channels, flexible settings allow you to set any mode.

Energy-saving systems

We offer solutions for accounting, economy and energy optimization

Fan Coil management system

In areas that use central air conditioning system owners are often faced with a situation where when the cooling-heating open window or door, which leads to high energy losses. Deal with this situation will help our fan coil control system. On the exterior windows and doors are installed wireless sensors that transmit information about the opening and closing on the fan coil control device that will disable it when you open the box and return the state after it is closed.
The system includes:


The device welding machine control - configuration of the operation sequence diagram of broaches and welding signals and their subsequent repetition of one "pedal". Feature of the device -. Dustproof moisture-punch-jamming performance of 2-D and 3-cascade model, producing welding in several steps designed to reduce peak electric energy consumption.
User guide -
Models of the control units for the welding machine
Name Number of managed transformers  
STAN-3.1 1
STAN-3.2 2
STAN-3.3 3

Possible development of control devices for machine tools of any specialization in technical requirements.

WiFi EnergyMeter

WiFi Energymeter - WiFi socket with the functions of electricity meter and a variety of programmable operating modes

"Accounting and control"

The device will accurately account for energy consumption and set a more efficient mode of its use
This is not just WiFi socket and electricity meter and the control functions and the optimization of consumption.
Features of the device:
  • high precision metering of electricity consumption
  • no need to install any applications and works with all kinds of WiFi clients (laptops, tablets, mobile phones, desktop computers)
  • the device is fully autonomous and does not require internet access or WiFi network
  • internal real time clock
  • the ability to integrate with other systems through an open API
  • flexible choice of operating modes: off-line, in the home network to the Internet
  • the ability to choose the level of protection: the password to WiFi, login password, the ability to hide the access point, or turn it off (included for setting only)
  • the ability to send data to a site on the Internet to store and view, and in the establishment of a separate authorization to perform control commands from the site
  • the ability to set power mode: switch-off time, job schedules work on days of the week, setting a limit energy consumption per hour / day / month, the protection of minimum and maximum voltage and a combination of these modes
  • voltage shutoff function to protect equipment in excess or undervoltage
User guide -

For high-precision measurements of power and energy consumed in the device uses WiFi EnergyMeter ADE7756 chip, developed by Analog Devices.

Since the device is fully developed by us, there is the possibility of producing in different kinds - in case the invoice-adapter socket, to DIN-rail, without housing -. In the form of fees for large capacity Below are screenshots of WiFi EnergyMeter management interface (requires no installation and any operating system works on all devices c WiFi and Internet browser)

With developed earlier devices can be found on the page "Devices History"